Viale Bruno Buozzi, Rome

Type: intero Appartamenti
Prezzo €5000
A disposizione 15-04-2024
indirizzo Viale Bruno Buozzi
proprietà della casa/td> 110 m²
Codice Postale 00197
città Rome

This newly renovated 110 sqm apartment with a terrace is situated in a twentieth-century, Baroque-style building within a wonderful condominium in the Pinciano (Parioli) neighborhood. The condominium, located 3.5 km northeast of Rome's historic center, is just a 12-minute walk from Villa Borghese. The condominium boasts a large garden, although there is a 5-minute walk and 30 stairs to climb from the entrance to the apartment. Parioli is renowned as one of Rome's most elegant and residential neighborhoods, offering high-level restaurants, cinemas, theaters, and stores featuring the best brands. It is nestled between two expansive parks: Villa Ada, perfect for sports...

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Viale Bruno Buozzi