Via Cassia, Rome

Type: intero Appartamenti
Prezzo €1500
A disposizione 01-07-2023
indirizzo Via Cassia
proprietà della casa/td> 70 m²
Codice Postale 00135
città Rome

This flat is located in a nice, quiet residential area lived mostly by locals. It's very well connected to the city center thanks to a train that brings you to the Vatican area easily. While the Termini station area is reachable with a bus ride. The Universit`a Cattolica is the closest university, just a few stations away. Also easy to Hospitals S.Pietro, S.Andrea, Gemelli and S.Filippo neri. This modern apartment features a master bedroom with a double bed, another smaller bedroom with a single bed, a modern living room with a luxury kitchen, a small laundry space with a washer...

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Via Cassia